Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snow White

When reading the original tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and watching the Disney movie, I noticed that there were several differences and similarities among the two.  In both the original tale and the movie the characters were all the same.  Another major similarity is that the stepmother is evil in both versions of Snow White and uses the apple as an attempt to try to kill her because according to the mirror, she is " the fairest of them all".  However in the Grimm version, the witch takes three attempts to kill Snow White, and in the movie it only takes one try.  In both versions the witch is is an evil character which goes along with her being ugly.  Both stories are very similar however the Grimm version is a lot longer and has more detail in it whereas the movie is a lot shorter.  It just shows how the stepmother plans her death and then kills her, leading to a happy ending.  I think that the actual movie was a lot shorter then the actual story but it summed up the story line very well. I believe that the story changed so that it would be appropriate for children in every possible way.  Looking at all the Disney movies, they are all changed to be fitted for those children.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Rags To Riches

There are several fairytales however there are only some of those that are known as “rise tales”.  According to a source, “a rise tail begins with a poor and lowly hero or heroine who rises dramatically up in social ladder”.  According to many fairytales it is very common for a princess to be of low class and to have the male (Prince) make a life for her.  The creators of these fairytales make it so that the male is so wonderful, rich, and powerful and the only way for the princess’ to really have a future is if they marry him.  For instance, the story of Cinderella shows a young adult who has had her life turned upside down, and something comes a long that will bring her up in class and also make her much happier.  In these fairytales the creator does a good job of making sure that the guy is the most important role.  Even though the story is about a princess, it also shows the prince in the story and how big of an effect he has on her future life.  I don’t believe that someone can reach successes from going up in class because they marry someone.  However it is possible that someone can be rich when marrying someone of the higher class. Cinderella shows that it can be true however that is just a fairy tale.  Its actually not realistic at all however there are some people today who do either marry men or women for their money.  In a way Cinderella shows a bad example, the ball she went to was intended for him to find his wife.  Any girl going there wanted to marry him because he was the prince, and she wanted him to have a better life for herself.  I do believe this fairytale is pretty unrealistic but a maid wouldn’t generally go to a ball.  However at the same time it is realistic because there are many times when people marry someone who is way richer then them giving them a completely different and wonderful future. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

In comparison to one another, the Grimm version of Hansel and Gretel is much different from the MGM version of this story.  The MGM version was very creepy however it did not portray the story as it was written.
In the MGM version the mother isn’t nice however she is not as mean as she was in the Grimm version.  In addition, in this version the mother talks about sending the children away however she doesn’t plan it like she did in the Grimm version.  She simply gets beyond frustrated with her children and sends them out to get berries.  However after she realized what she had done she was so upset with herself, even though she wanted them gone so the food could just be left for her and her husband.  In the Grimm version the mother was extremely cruel to the children and planned with her husband to take the kids into the woods and to leave them there.  In both versions the mother seems similar however in the Grimm version she is much worse.  And in the end she shows emotion towards losing the children and then gaining them back.  Another difference in the two films was how different the witch was.  In the MGM version the witch pretended to be a sweet older woman who Hansel soon called “grandmother”.  However in the Grimm version the witch didn’t pretend to be anyone, he/she was very creepy from the beginning.  Yet again both witches were creepy but one just was more disguised from the other.  Also the way the witch’s house looks is similar in both because they both are colorful and full of food.  Another similarity between the two movies was the relationship between Hansel and Gretel.  In both films they were very close and protected one another through all of that.  At one point when Hansel is in the cage, he even tells Gretel to run.  She wouldn’t do that, they are so close that she would not be able to leave him. 
In my opinion, I think that they made these changes because times have changed a lot.  Also, the MGM version has better color and acting then the Grimm version, which has to do with how we have updated our media.  They made more changes to make it more age appropriate for children of a young age.  I think these changes made the story a little better and definitely more suitable for children.  

Sunday, September 9, 2012

What is a fairytale?

What is a fairy tale? A fairy tale is generally an animated story intended for little kids.  The tales usually includes a princess, a prince, an evil stepmother, and mean stepsisters.  Usually it starts happy and something bad happens and then in the end it’s happy again.  When I was little I used to just think fairy tales were just really entertaining movies, I didn’t think much of them.  While talking in class I have learned much more about the details of each story and why the Grimm brothers decided to add and take out some things.   When I was younger I didn’t think of the age the girls were in and how that had to do with them growing up and becoming an adult.  I remember watching Sleeping Beauty as a little kid and I just thought it was about a girl who fell asleep and woke up because she was kissed.  I didn’t think about the things I know now.  For instance, how she touched the spinning wheel when she was told not to and everyone was put to sleep for her own mistake.  Also she didn’t just wake up because she was kissed but because she was ready to become a woman.  A lot of the things I have learned about make the fairy tales a lot more interesting to learn about especially because I didn’t really think about these things previously.  Before the Grimm brothers did some editing, the stories were referred to as fairy tales also however they weren’t the type that we consider fairy tales today.  To make these acceptable for little kids they made the stories happier and fit to be called a fairy tale by having a happier story and less scary and gruesome things in it.  For example in the text for the story Sleeping Beauty when she touched the spinning wheel it cut her and she bled.  In the movie she never bled, they took that out to make it more age appropriate.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Blog #1

When looking through the different choices of First Year Seminars, I knew that I wanted to do something that I have never done before and seemed appealing to me. When I found out that my first year seminar was From Grimm to Disney I was really excited because not only was it my first choice but it was also one that seemed really interesting to me. As a child I always watched Disney movies, and still do today. However when I was young I viewed those movies very differently then I do now. When you’re a child many times you’re watching something and not knowing what it is even about you are just admiring the different characters and things in that movie. I am hoping that by taking this seminar it will improve my reading and my reading comprehension because this course involves a lot of reading and questions to go along with it. Also this course will help me learn more about history when reading from the two books about the Grimm brothers and how the tales changed over time. My favorite fairy tale is snow white and always has been since I was little. It is a little different from the other fairytales involving girls but also the same in a way because they all include a mean mother and mean sisters and prince charming. It is also my favorite because when I was young my sister was in the play snow white and she played one of the dwarves and ever since that I have found that movie in particular to be especially amusing.