Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Rags To Riches

There are several fairytales however there are only some of those that are known as “rise tales”.  According to a source, “a rise tail begins with a poor and lowly hero or heroine who rises dramatically up in social ladder”.  According to many fairytales it is very common for a princess to be of low class and to have the male (Prince) make a life for her.  The creators of these fairytales make it so that the male is so wonderful, rich, and powerful and the only way for the princess’ to really have a future is if they marry him.  For instance, the story of Cinderella shows a young adult who has had her life turned upside down, and something comes a long that will bring her up in class and also make her much happier.  In these fairytales the creator does a good job of making sure that the guy is the most important role.  Even though the story is about a princess, it also shows the prince in the story and how big of an effect he has on her future life.  I don’t believe that someone can reach successes from going up in class because they marry someone.  However it is possible that someone can be rich when marrying someone of the higher class. Cinderella shows that it can be true however that is just a fairy tale.  Its actually not realistic at all however there are some people today who do either marry men or women for their money.  In a way Cinderella shows a bad example, the ball she went to was intended for him to find his wife.  Any girl going there wanted to marry him because he was the prince, and she wanted him to have a better life for herself.  I do believe this fairytale is pretty unrealistic but a maid wouldn’t generally go to a ball.  However at the same time it is realistic because there are many times when people marry someone who is way richer then them giving them a completely different and wonderful future. 

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