Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hansel and Gretel

In comparison to one another, the Grimm version of Hansel and Gretel is much different from the MGM version of this story.  The MGM version was very creepy however it did not portray the story as it was written.
In the MGM version the mother isn’t nice however she is not as mean as she was in the Grimm version.  In addition, in this version the mother talks about sending the children away however she doesn’t plan it like she did in the Grimm version.  She simply gets beyond frustrated with her children and sends them out to get berries.  However after she realized what she had done she was so upset with herself, even though she wanted them gone so the food could just be left for her and her husband.  In the Grimm version the mother was extremely cruel to the children and planned with her husband to take the kids into the woods and to leave them there.  In both versions the mother seems similar however in the Grimm version she is much worse.  And in the end she shows emotion towards losing the children and then gaining them back.  Another difference in the two films was how different the witch was.  In the MGM version the witch pretended to be a sweet older woman who Hansel soon called “grandmother”.  However in the Grimm version the witch didn’t pretend to be anyone, he/she was very creepy from the beginning.  Yet again both witches were creepy but one just was more disguised from the other.  Also the way the witch’s house looks is similar in both because they both are colorful and full of food.  Another similarity between the two movies was the relationship between Hansel and Gretel.  In both films they were very close and protected one another through all of that.  At one point when Hansel is in the cage, he even tells Gretel to run.  She wouldn’t do that, they are so close that she would not be able to leave him. 
In my opinion, I think that they made these changes because times have changed a lot.  Also, the MGM version has better color and acting then the Grimm version, which has to do with how we have updated our media.  They made more changes to make it more age appropriate for children of a young age.  I think these changes made the story a little better and definitely more suitable for children.  

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