Sunday, September 30, 2012

Snow White

When reading the original tale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and watching the Disney movie, I noticed that there were several differences and similarities among the two.  In both the original tale and the movie the characters were all the same.  Another major similarity is that the stepmother is evil in both versions of Snow White and uses the apple as an attempt to try to kill her because according to the mirror, she is " the fairest of them all".  However in the Grimm version, the witch takes three attempts to kill Snow White, and in the movie it only takes one try.  In both versions the witch is is an evil character which goes along with her being ugly.  Both stories are very similar however the Grimm version is a lot longer and has more detail in it whereas the movie is a lot shorter.  It just shows how the stepmother plans her death and then kills her, leading to a happy ending.  I think that the actual movie was a lot shorter then the actual story but it summed up the story line very well. I believe that the story changed so that it would be appropriate for children in every possible way.  Looking at all the Disney movies, they are all changed to be fitted for those children.

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