Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cupid and Psyche vs. The Frog Prince

In Cupid and Psyche it starts out with introducing the three sisters and how they are all beautiful.  However, one is much more beautiful then the rest and people come to visit her to just see her amazing beauty.  When she is called prettier then Venus, she gets absolutely furious this shows her jealousy and hatred towards her sister for being much prettier then she is.  After she attempted to put a spell on Psyche, it failed which lead her into living with her “invisible” husband who was extremely rich.  She had never saw him at first but she got tired of that and really wanted to know who she was married to.  One day after her sisters convince her to see what her husband really looks like she does and thinks he is going to look like a monster when really he was very handsome.  That left her to losing him and the palace.  In order to win him back she has to do a few tasks, they eventually get back together.  This goes to show that women can very well do things and women aren’t at all like the princesses in fairytales. 

In the frog prince, the story starts off with the Grimm brothers talking about one very pretty princess who becomes extremely upset after loosing her ball.  However in this version unlike the original myth someone’s comes to her to comfort her.  That is the frog; the frog didn’t want anything from her only love and companionship.  The princess pushed him away as much as she could until her father could make the decision for her to let him stay with her in their house.  One day she got so mad that she threw the frog against the one and that turned him into a prince. 

These two stories are very different, one is an original myth and the other is a fairytale.  Also one involves a mythical character and the other involves an animal.  They are both different but have the same things in the story.  Both girls end up with a guy in the end, who is your typical prince.  The Frog and the Prince comes from the myth Cupid and Psyche. 


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