Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog #11

Throughout this semester, I have wrote several blogs about what we are reading and discussing in class.    The first one started out with us discussing why we wanted to take the class. Then as we started to read and discuss the books we had to write about what was our favorite fairytale and why.  I chose Snow White, because I loved how it included the seven dwarfs and a lot of animals.  I also like it a lot because my sister was in the play when she was little at her school.  Coming into this class I didn't know we would talk about fairytales that much, because I didn't know that there was this much to talk about.  It is extremely interested how in depth you can go into a fairytale.  Pretty much every detail in a story has meaning and I was not aware of this before I took the class.  Before I took the class I had no knowledge  of what cinderella's foot fitting into the slipper meant or how Snow white's step mother is her other conscious (who she will become when she grows up).  When I came into the class I wasn't sure to expect.  I thought it was really interesting how we not only learned about disney tales, but also about the Grimm brothers and also more unfamiliar fairytales that they created.  I have learned a lot from this class and even more then I thought I would. I really enjoyed this class a lot and am fortunate that I got into this class, because it was a lot of fun yet I learned so much.

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